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TAG# 22-917

Remanufactured by Buckeye Drill Company

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Bucyrus-Erie Model 22w, Tag# 22-806

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Bucyrus-Erie Model 22W, TAG# 22-808

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BUCYRUS-ERIE 24l well drilling machine

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Bucyrus-Erie Model 60L


Extensive repairs performed by Buckeye Drill Company with new 74HP Perkins diesel engine and twin disc clutch, single rear axle with fifth wheel hitch.


Remanufactured B-E 20W's and 22W's

Buckeye Supply Company has been a Smeal/Hunke Pump Hoist distributor since 1967.  We offer
a full range of models along with providing professional rebuilding, repair, mounting and painting services.

Bucyrus-Erie Model 22W, Remanufactured with new caterpillar turbo diesel engine mounted on new interanational truck preparing for export






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