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Since 1984

Manufacturing Bucyrus-Erie style well drills and parts.

Our History

With the purchase of the assets of the Bucyrus-Erie Well Drill Division, the new corporation accepted the challenge and opportunity to continue a more than 50-year-old tradition of outstanding performance and low maintenance service to the water and shallow oil well drillers of the world.

We’ve been serving the water drilling and petroleum exploration industries through Buckeye Supply Company since 1929. 

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Nobody’s Done it Longer

Our sister company, Buckeye Supply Company, was the first distributor
established by Bucyrus-Erie Company back in 1941. So, we’ve seen it all,
and can fix it all!



Well Drill Machines For Sale



Today, Buckeye Drill Company houses a 21,000 sq. ft. manufacturing/repair facility with services ranging from minor machine repair, jackshaft repair, frame and derrick repair to the complete rebuilding of a cable tool well drill. We also offer similar type services on Smeal Pump Hoists.

We offer Perkins engines for drill machines, Bethlehem Wire Rope (made in the USA), and are a distributor for Smeal (Hunke) Pump Hoist, and Rampp Drilling Tools.

Buckeye Drill offers more than 2,000 GENUINE Bucyrus-Erie Style parts, including complete jackshaft assemblies, derrick braces, derrick sections, spudding gears, and bull reel drums for prompt shipping worldwide.

Global Impact.

Our nearly 100 years of combined experience means we can offer services on Bucyrus-Erie Well Drills second to none.

Buckeye Drill Company is part of a family owned business that was started in 1929. Still owned and operated by the second, third, and fourth generation Straker family, we are proud to be celebrating our 90th year of continuous service to the water, oil, and gas field industry.